Wet Crew

As one of the busiest units in New Zealand, it means we undertake over 200 calls for assistance a year

Because we operate 24 hours a day, calls can come at any time.  It could be a brilliant summers day, or terrible conditions on a winter’s night.  It could be during normal working hours, or just as you are about to sit down to a weekend bbq lunch.

At Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard we place our wet crew volunteers into one of four crews (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta). 
This means once every four weeks a crew is on call, 24 hours a day. In addition, we also train every
second Wednesday evening, and sometimes in the weekends. 

Training mostly consists of on-water training, however, there is also addition in class training, as well as online learning. 
To be a successful crew member, one has to take ownership of their learning and be driven to improve. 

If you would like to know more about becoming a Wet Crew Volunteer, please contact operations@taurangacoastguard.co.nz
or call us on (07) 578 5579, we will show you around HQ and the vessels and talk to you about becoming part of this life saving team.