From a simple jump start, to a tow back to shore,
or something more serious, our volunteers will
be there to ensure that you get safely home 

Coastguard membership starts from $130 a year and should the situation arise that you need assistance on the water,
in a non-emergency situation, you can be assured that our volunteers will come to your assistance. 
This includes recovering you and if possible, your vessel to the nearest port of safety. 

If you are not a member, a non-urgent assistance will cost you $350 per hour, save yourself the stress and ensure you
and your family have the peace of mind of being covered with a Coastguard membership. 

Remember, your membership covers you anywhere that you are boating in the country.

Join online, or call 0800 26 28 43. Or you can come and visit our unit at 72 Keith Allen Drive, Sulphur Point.
(Please note there is a 24hr stand down period before a new membership becomes active).

When new members sign up for a $130 Individual Membership between 20 Nov 23 and 4 Jan 24, they’ll receive a Line 7 cap free. Offer limited to 2,600 caps.

Membership Options & Fees:

Individual Coastguard Membership


$130 a year

Covers you, your partner, and any kids under 18 on any vessel.

Join now

Coastguard Membership: Vessel


From $400 a year

For boat share situations or commercial vessels. Covers one vessel.

Call 0800 BOATIE
(262 843) to sign up.

Coastguard Lifetime Membership


$1,950 one-off

Covers you, your partner, and any kids under 18 on any vessel, for life!

Join now

Coastguard Club Membership


$150 a year

Valid for eligible not-for-profit Clubs or Incorporated Societies. 

Call 0800 BOATIE
(262 843) to sign up.

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships are also available. Just call the friendly membership team on 0800 BOATIE (262 843) during office hours.

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Free assistance is available in all popular boating areas around New Zealand, within 30 nautical miles of a Coastguard Unit.
  • For individual and life memberships you, your spouse and any dependents under the age of 18 are covered on any vessel.
  • For Vessel Memberships one named vessel is covered with any skipper; commercial vessels (such as fishing charters, ferries or fishing boats) are only able to hold a Vessel Membership.
  • Club Membership is available only to incorporated societies, voluntary or not for profit organisations. Proof of eligibility may be required. Covers club vessels only.
  • A 24 hour stand-down period applies to new members.
  • View the full membership terms and conditions.

Get the Coastguard App

Download the Coastguard App

The Coastguard app, Boatie's Best Mate, has a boatload of handy features for fishos and boaties,
and is the simplest way to stay safe out on the water.

You won’t want to leave the dock without this in your pocket!