Website Terms and Conditions

Donations and Membership

Membership of Coastguard is a method of assisting in funding the work that the organisation performs, and there is no requirement to become a member.  It is understood that all donations to Coastguard are made unconditionally.

A 24 hour stand down period applies to new members to allow payment to be received.  


Credit card payment is provided for the use of paying membership subscriptions, both new memberships and subscriptions, for donations, and for payment of invoices for services provided by Tauranga Coastguard. 

Receipts will automatically be issued for membership payments and we are happy to provide them for donations and payment of invoices.


We do not provide refunds for membership fees once paid.  However once paid your membership will cover you for assistance anywhere in the country, until the aniversary of your renewal date.


We sincerely hope that there is no cause for disputes to arise, but should you have any cause for concern about any matter, please contact the Operations Manager at our headquarters, and he will happily dicuss the issue with you.


All amounts mentioned on this web-site are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ).