Education and PR Trailer

Over a number of years our unit has seen the potential benefit of having its own PR/educational trailer to use at events, for publicity and educational purposes and if required as an off-site control room. In the past we have either borrowed a caravan, or turned up to events with a Gazebo and braved the elements.

In mid-2015 we committed to go ahead and build our own caravan, which could be towed by a standard vehicle, and be fully equipped to be able to turn up at an event and in a very short period of time be able to have a fully functioning base for our needs.  The remit was to make sure it would be able to supply 240V power, from either a mains supply or a portable generator.

The design would be our own, and the labour would be supplied by our own volunteers. Very early on we got commitment from two funders, who between them covered the vast majority of the cost. This enabled us to purchase a professionally build aluminium chassis from local builders G-FAB trailers, upon which we could build the box frame and kit out the inside.

The project as always took longer, and involved more work than we imagined, all of which had to be done at weekends and in other spare time, but we finally got it finished ready for the 2015 Tauranga Boat Expo. Our aim is now to be able to attend more functions and educational opportunities without overburdening our volunteers with having to plan and set up separately for each event.

We would like to thanks our two funders, St. Lazarus Trust Board, Auckland, and the Tauranga Te-Papa Rotary Club, as well as other support from Bay Powdercoaters, ProBlast Tauranga, Bay Panelbeaters and Spray Painters, PPG Paints and Central Diesel Services, all of whom contributed greatly to the final success of the project.