WHERE: Tauranga Coastguard HQ, 72 Keith Allen Drive, Sulphur Point, Tauranga
WHEN:    Every third Wednesday and Thursday bi-monthly - (attendence both nights is required) at 7pm
DATES:   Next course commencing 22nd and 23rd April 2020

COST:      $70pp (payment in full required on booking)

TO SECURE YOUR SPOT CALL: (07) 578 5579 or email

This course is run by our own Approved Radio Examiners (ARX) in line with the requirements set out by New Zealand's Radio Spectrum Management (RSM).  (  We do not offer unit standards with this course.  If you require unit standards for your educational purposes please contact Coastguard Boating Education ( and consider doing their course.

Are you aware that any person operating a maritime VHF radio must hold, as a minimum requirement, a Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate (unless transmitting in an emergency or a distress situation)?  In addition, all maritime radio communications are required to be positively identified through the use of a Callsign  and boat name.

Communication when out on the water is vital, as you will have no doubt seen over recent months.  Lack of communications can have disastrous consequences.  Correct use and knowledge of marine radios can be a lifesaver.

Coastguards’ volunteer radio operations are not only ready and waiting 24/7 for your trip report but also provide weather forecasts, safety information and of course you can use your radio to communicate between boats.

On the course you will cover subjects such as the general features and functions of a maritime VHF radio, correct distress and urgency procedures for ‘Mayday’ and ‘Pan Pan’ calls, pro-words and phonetic alphabet, trip reports, weather services, callsigns, EPIRBS and other search and rescue equipment.  On the second night you will undertake a short test which will enable us to issue you with your certificate.