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TVCG Endowment Fund with Acorn Foundation

TVCG Endowment Fund with Acorn Foundation

In association with the Acorn Foundation we have created an Endowment Fund, as a means of creating a long term income stream for our Unit.

As part of our long term funding strategy, we have been working with the Acorn Foundation to create an Endowment Fund, whereby donors can contribute to our unit by donating or bequething a sum of money to the Acorn Foundation.

With the assistance of Craigs Investment Partners, the donation is invested as part of their overall investment portfolio, and each year the return on the investment is paid directly to our unit in order to assist with the funding of our operation.  Craigs have the ability to invest the money much more effectively than we would be able to do ourselves.

With the donation being paid directly to the Acorn Foundation, the donor can be sure that whatever the size of their donation, it  will provide a long-term benefit to the unit, sure in the knowledge that it won't be mis-spent on something inappropriate.  Also all donations attract a 33% tax credt, so for every $3 you donate, you get $1 back as a credit against tax.

More information can be found about the Endowment Funds on the Acorn Foundation website, at, or by going to our Endowment Fund page on this website.

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